Actions Have Consequences, Shonda Rimes

November 8, 2008

Introduction to the Campaign

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It appears I’ve been semi-asked to organize those of us who think Brooke Smith’s firing, and the wider pattern of female LGBT characters on ABC being cut back or let go, is totally unjust and bad.

This is all kinds of not okay and not right. And if the latest spoilers on the Grey’s situation are correct, a “Bring Back Hahn” movement is probably a waste of time and effort. Further, the reaction from ABC and Grey’s Anatomy/Shondaland has been so transparently defensive and nonsense about why the firing happened that it’s clear that sending a bunch of straws or something would be futile.

However, that’s the one advantage we have in this campaign, besides our voices; ABC and Shondaland clearly didn’t expect to get this level of backlash before the nasty events happened, so they’re on the defensive even before the average viewer gets to watch the trainwreck and say, “what the heck?” A good campaign will have little practical effect on Grey’s Anatomy’s storylines, but the point is bad publicity is a powerful thing.

So let’s make this worse than Isaiah Washington’s gaffe for Shonda Rimes and ABC. Let’s make the person who leaned on Shonda persona non grata within ABC. Let’s put some pressures on Grey’s advertisers.

Let’s teach people that actions have consequences. It hasn’t been an easy week for gay people and those who don’t think we’re second-rate citizens and people in America, so let’s take that upset and fight, fight, fight.

Yes, we can. And yes, we will if we’ve got the will to do something and not let despair take us.

Anyway, I have some ideas about what to do that I’ll post in the next post about this, but what I’d like you to do if you’re a regular reader here and you’re as angry and sad as I am about this state of affairs is to get the word out — link this post places where there are like-minded people. Give me some ideas for a name for the campaign and what you’d want to do. Give me some moral support, because I’m pretty nervous. While I have more than ten years of experience of being a fan on the internet and as many years of battle scars from fan wars on the internet, I’m usually more of a wry outsider who gets over it by getting more cynical, and I don’t think that’s okay this time.

Thank you for listening.


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