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November 8, 2008

Media Articles so far about Brookegate and the fallout

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If you’re interested in some of the media that’s surrounded the “incoherent” and completely unjustified firing of Brooke Smith for daring to play a lesbian who wasn’t masturbation fodder for boys on television, this is a preliminary list of articles for your information.

Too Gay for Grey’s Anatomy — The Guardian (UK)

The Original Ask Ausiello Column — cuz nothing says classy like breaking the news of the firing via Ask Ausiello on Entertainment Weekly.

La Presse — it’s in a French Canadian paper, but hey. Worldwide press.

AfterEllen on The Disappearing Lesbian

Defamer, another Defamer where Dempsey is cool, and a third Defamer on the situation.

A quite excellent blog post on the situation at Cultural Leanings.

The erica_callie community on LiveJournal has collected links and articles on the topic.

Jezebel weighs in — personal favorite blog of mine…

The Washington Post chimes in and points out that if anyone’s been looking for magic and chemistry on Grey’s, it might be Izzie. And that it’s a sweeps lesbian thing.

There’s also the LA Times article that Mary McNamara wrote very early on, too.

So yeah, if you didn’t know what was up, there’s plenty of reading and plenty of support for Brooke Smith…as well as not a soul believing it wasn’t about playing a lesbian.



  1. I like this compilation with comments.

    I think it includes some that I haven’t seen on the Erica_Callie community (but I haven’t looked at them all in detail)

    I’m going to e-mail one of the mods at Erica_Callie to ask them to cross-reference this list.

    Comment by Julie — November 9, 2008 @ 2:24 am

  2. Please do, and tell the mods that I would love to combine efforts, thanks.

    Comment by jenniferoksana — November 9, 2008 @ 2:44 am

  3. […] Gather and format in html for posting at the main site, articles relating to Brooke Smith’s firing from Grey’s Anatomy. Include blog posts, network and show runner responses, GLAAD response. A title, source, date, and brief synopsis would be helpful. List in chronological order. Email to greysequality @ ETA: Article URLs have been listed here, here, here, here. […]

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