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November 8, 2008

Action Agenda for the Weekend [Will Be Updated]

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Here’s a list of items to be done beyond the cut.

UPDATE: please go to the latest post for some concrete ideas and debate on what to do next.

Action Items: Jen
+ Register a WordPress blog for the campaign
+ Tell everyone its url later tonight
+ Get that URL to the Guardian so that my fansite from 10 year old is no longer linked in the fisking article.
+ Write up an article pitch about this entire mess to Bitch magazine.
+ Reach out to the callie_erica people who have worked on this.

Action Items: Everyone Else
+ If someone can rewatch last night’s ep on fast-forward and make a list of the advertisers on it, as well as for the rest of the advertisers for the ep or two before it, that would be fantastic.

+ Someone else: make a background image for the blog/site header mockups for me.

+ Another person: contact information for ABC, email, comment forms, and snail mail addresses, as well as for Shondaland. (Can we get from already existing campaigns?)

+ Another person: a list of places, both on LiveJournal and primarily off, where the campaign can be linked to once I have the site up — which will be this weekend. I’m just super-super busy.

Next Up: Everyone
+ Target some publications in your head where you could write a letter to the editor — or if you’re more eloquent, an article. Entertainment Weekly is a great place to start, because they’re quite sympathetic. Mary McNamara at the LA Times is also good. But for example, I’m thinking of not only going after Bitch magazine to get an article written, but DC has this site,, who can be annoying gay hipsters, but would be a good place to write up a short article like unto the Guardian article. Think local, think gay community. Think your university paper.

+ Do we want to go after GLAAD for selling out? Because if anyone here is UK-based, we can learn a lot from the campaign against Stonewall and trans-bigot Julie Bindel in terms of getting mainstream LGBT organizations not to throw actual queers under the bus to keep those special media relationships.

+ Are you brave enough to do YouTube videos? I think video campaigns are the future, so I want to do some.

+ The point of this is not going to be a magical resurrection of Erica Hahn, guys. You know that. We’re probably not going to get much better than a half-assed apology and some nasty comments both from people who say there are better things to protest and homobigots. The point is, much like the anti-Prop 8 protests right now, that we cannot smile and say, “yes, you’re my ally because you’re not actively as vile as the Mormons!” We have to stand up. We have to make people understand that actions have consequences, and if you’re going to say you’re my friend and love the gays and then knife those people, you’re going to get called on it.



  1. Hi,

    I would love to help. I took a look at the list of sponsors again, my question, should we concentrate on them all? I don’t think Apple would do anything considering that Steve Jobs (CEO/Chairman) is also on the Board at Disney.

    Has anyone ever seen a Wells Fargo ad on ABC? They would be more open to actually do something, maybe pull ads?

    *sigh* just tell me what to do, oh big leader 😛

    Comment by Maddy — November 9, 2008 @ 3:20 pm

  2. Just sent in a load of advertiser info. Is anybody else helping with this? Speak up, guys. A ton of people were all for this initially.

    Here’s what I believe is still to do:

    Disney (Bolt movie)
    New York Lottery (probably only on the NY channel)

    Comment by Ali — November 12, 2008 @ 11:15 am

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